Václav Hříbal

Václav Hříbal

Commercial Director Hotels & Head of Hotel Transactions

+420 725 293 269

Václav Hříbal is responsible for hotels. He puts his 15 years’ experience to good use in the sale, leasing, and franchising of hotels, and manages audits of restaurants, hotels, and conference centres. He launched his career in the US, where he studied hotel and restaurant management. He has worked for numerous top hotels, including the Adria, the Parkhotel and, most recently, the US chain Marriott. Václav is an avid footballer and plays for a local club. He also loves travelling and has recently enjoyed some unforgettable moments in Florida. Václav speaks fluent English. Václav is very proud of the fact that he lives in Prague’s Stodůlky district as this is where his parents lived and he considers himself to be a local patriot.

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