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Jan Adámek

Managing Director

A bad experience was the initial motivation for Honza to make the decision to start a real estate agency. He said he would never wish anyone else such a tragic service as he experienced when buying an apartment himself. That is why JAN Reality cares so much about the comfort of its customers.

Every client wants a professional agent. Everyone wants to be sure that the agent is straight with them. And everyone needs to be kept informed about what is happening with their contract. It is on these principles that JAN Reality was founded.

Also in regard to common values; Honza has been involved in scouting for more than twenty years, where truth and fairness are among the most important attributes. He calls it “the legacy of the Neskenon troop” and he is constantly trying to ensure that these values are carried over, not only into the work of his office, but also into the real estate market. 

When someone is proactive, they are not only proactive in business but also in their personal or social life. For fourteen years, Honza was the Chairman of the Association of the New Town of Prague, which fights for a better and nicer city centre. This is also, by the way, the place where JAN Reality has its office. And since Honza lives in Žižkov, he and his neighbours also founded the community association Život na Žižkově (Life in Žižkov).

But if there’s one thing he really appreciates, it’s his amazing family. A loving wife, two sons, and now a cute greyhound named Ramon. Together they enjoy travelling and sports, and they love to cycle, play badminton, and walk a lot.  And in JAN Reality they practice yoga every Tuesday.

You’ll get on well with Honza. He is an extrovert and is open to all ideas and inspirations. But you will also get along because not only does he speak his native Czech, he also speaks fluent English and Spanish, and, if you are patient, pretty good German as well!

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