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I want to buy

Have you decided to buy a property? Then you must be asking yourself these questions:

  • Is now the right time to buy a property?
  • What is the true market value of the property I like? How much should I offer?  
  • What are the prices in the area where I want to live and what kind of properties are for sale in the area?
  • Can I negotiate the price and buy for as little as possible?
  • Will the transaction be safe for me?

If you don’t want to spend your time browsing through thousands of offers on the internet and viewing unverified properties, or you don’t have the nerve or desire to take care of everything yourself, you need someone who will work for you.

Why use our services to buy a property?

At JAN Reality, we do not divide activities into “do’s and don’ts”, we simply arrange everything that is needed and help you to solve any related concerns such as the safe custody of money, financing the purchase of the property, making energy transfers, and the orientation of any related taxes. In addition, if it is even a little bit possible, we will negotiate a reduction in the purchase price for you. And believe us, we very often achieve it!

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