Development projects

Developerske projekty

a) sales of units

  • Sales marketing plan.
  • Viewings and client negotiations.
  • Negotiations on the terms and conditions of sale with the purchasers.
  • Legal service – the preparation and signing of contracts (reservation contract, pre-contract agreement, purchase contract).
  • Regular reporting to the developer on how sales are progressing and how effective marketing tools are.
  • We will provide a showroom in Wenceslas Square so that, during the construction period, the developer has a prestigious contact address for clients.
  • We will arrange for clients to have access to special-rate bank financing to purchase flats or non-residential units in the project.

b) professional consulting for developers

  • Pricing appraisal and assessment of the investment plan (benefits/prices/sales plan).
  • Pricing – appraisal of each flat and non-residential unit.
  • Sales marketing plan
  • Layout optimisation.
  • Project presentation.
  • Scouting and arranging for the purchase or sale of land suitable for development.
  • Mediation of the sale of a project or land.
  • Organisation of bank financing.

Current properties offer

Rodinný dům 5+kk s užitnou plochou 210 m2, kvalitní materiály, nízké náklady

Zdiby, K Boleslavce

9 990 000 Kč (za nemovitost)

Property details

Prodej hotelu Vesna v Českém Šternberku s restaurací a konferenčním sálem

Český Šternberk

5 500 000 Kč (za nemovitost)

Property details

Prodej sadu ve Vokovicích

Praha, Lužná

8 000 000 Kč (za nemovitost)

Property details
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